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Who are we?

At Inter UvA, we’re ready for something better. Based in Amsterdam, our transformative student political party mobilizes people from all over UvA to take action and create a meaningful and lasting impact.

Founded by dedicated students back in 2017, Inter UvA has grown into an impactful Political party. We emphasize transparency in everything we do, setting bold goals and pursuing a clear strategy that seeks to move the needle through our 5 values. We are constantly growing and adapting to the changes in society, and invite you to learn more about how you can make a change.

Our Values

At INTER we stand for Transparency and Democracy, Sustainability and the Environment, Diversity and Inclusivity, Quality of Education, and Mental Health and Student Welfare.


Transparency & Democracy

Our representatives not only work very hard to make sure your concerns are considered, but they also foster transparency from the councils and University decision-making to update you on what is happening behind the scene.


Sustainability &
The Environment

From big commitments such as signing with the Green List, to smaller changes such as introducing plant-based kinds of milk for coffee, we actively work on several projects to create a more sustainable University. ​
We want the University of Amsterdam to be the leading example as a high quality, sustainable university.


Diversity & Inclusivity

We believe the UvA should be a place where everyone feels comfortable. From financial matters to integration, we highly encourage the University to be a safe space for everyone. Diversity in ethnicity, gender, sexual preferences, socio-economic background but also in literature and perspectives, is indispensable for the quality of education.


Quality of Education

The dilemma between the accessibility of the University to the quality of education is one of our highest concerns. 
We ensure there is a balance between maintaining the University accessible while maintaining a high standard and quality of education, which is part of what makes the University of Amsterdam such a unique place.


Mental Health & Student Welfare

The well-being of students at the University of Amsterdam is of fundamental importance to us. From working students to those who have functional impairments, we want everyone to have a chance to succeed academically without compromising their mental and physical health.


Our Candidates


Tessa Trapp, CSR

I’m Tessa, 2nd year pple student and this is my second year of running with Inter! I’m currently part of the Central Student Council (CSR) as Chair of the Education and Research Committee.


Louisa Theunissen, CSR

Hello everyone! I am Louisa Theunissen, second year PPLE student. Currently I am the CSR’s council assistant and work in the PR and O&O (education and research) committee.


Sam Merlos, FDR-PPLE

I'm Sam, half French and half Dutch. I want to focus on student welfare, quality of education, and sustainability this election year. 


Koray Karaduman, FDR-PPLE

Hey Folks! I am Koray Karaduman (he/him/his), a first-year Turkish PPLE student, eager to start his political career here at the UvA with you and for you, to make your life here easier and better.


Indigo Hemingway, FDR-PPLE

I am Indigo, one of Inter's candidates for FdR-PPLE. Here is my blurb for Instagram. please let me know if you would like me to change anything e.g. more detail. Thanks!


Fiorella Briolo, FDR-PPLE

I’ve been studying at the UvA for two years, one of them being a foundation year, and over this time, I’ve gathered an understanding of things that can be improved and dynamic ways to improve them.


Lea Stadler, FDR-PPLE

Hi everyone! My name is Lea Stadler, I’m a first year PPLE student and I am one of the FdR candidates for this year! I am excited to work on many proposals in the council.


Mohamed Saadettin, FMG

Hello Everyone! My name is Mohamed. I am a Communication Science Research student. I want to focus on student welfare, transparency and democracy, and quality of education this election.


Andrei But, FMG

Hello everyone! My name is Andrei, and I am a first-year Political Science student. I want to focus on quality of education, transparency, and diversity and inclusivity this election.


Mahmood Nasher, FEB

My name is Mahmood Nasher and i am (re)running this year for the FEB student elections! I have previously held the Chairman position at the council last year and I can proudly say that it was a very successful council year.

Board Members


Shayan Kharazi

2nd Year PPLE Student

I am very excited to help expand the reach of student politics at UvA and ensure our principles of democracy and transparency are upheld.


Louisa Theunissen

2nd Year PPLE Student

I am very excited to help expand the reach of student politics at UvA and ensure our principles of democracy and transparency are upheld.


Theodor Azbej

2nd Year PPLE Student

I am very excited to help expand the reach of student politics at UvA and ensure our principles of democracy and transparency are upheld.


Shirin Arfa-Kia
M&M Officer

2nd Year Media and Information Student

I enjoy designing and creating the image and marketing strategy for INTER. I’ll make sure the party is present on social media and the internet.


Valerie Bou Rjeily
Head of Policy

2nd Year PPLE Student

I’m looking forward to helping students meet their potential and have their voices heard during the 2022 campaign and their council careers onward!


Hugo Kapteijn

2nd Year PPLE Student

I’ll do my best to ensure INTER’s finances are responsibly and intelligently managed.