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Our Values

Transparency and Democracy, Sustainability and The Environment, Diversity and Inclusivity,
Quality of Education, and Mental Health and Student Welfare.

Transparency & Democracy

Our representatives not only work very hard to make sure your concerns are considered, but they also foster transparency from the councils and University decision-making to update you on what is happening behind the scene.

Amsterdam Canal

Sustainability &
The Environment

From big commitments such as signing with the Green List, to smaller changes such as introducing plant-based kinds of milk for coffee, we actively work on several projects to create a more sustainable University. ​
We want the University of Amsterdam to be the leading example as a high quality, sustainable university.

Diversity & Inclusivity

We believe the UvA should be a place where everyone feels comfortable. From financial matters to integration, we highly encourage the University to be a safe space for everyone. Diversity in ethnicity, gender, sexual preferences, socio-economic background but also in literature and perspectives, is indispensable for the quality of education.


Copyright University of Amsterdam


Copyright University of Amsterdam

Quality of Education

The dilemma between the accessibility of the University to the quality of education is one of our highest concerns. 
We ensure there is a balance between maintaining the University accessible while maintaining a high standard and quality of education, which is part of what makes the University of Amsterdam such a unique place.

Mental Health &
Student Welfare

The well-being of students at the University of Amsterdam is of fundamental importance to us. From working students to those who have functional impairments, we want everyone to have a chance to succeed academically without compromising their mental and physical health.

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