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The Mediating
Assessment Protocol (MAP)

At Inter, we will utilise the forced ranking method.
The benefit of forced ranking is that we are prevented from giving everyone the highest possible rating. Instead, we are forced to make relative judgments rather than absolute judgments. We as humans are better at relative judgments. Relative judgments are better, fairer, and more accurate than absolute judgments.
To be concrete. We will be ranking the candidates for each attribute on a described, qualified and meaningful scale. This will be a scale ranging van 0% to 100%. The benefits of rating the candidates on one scale are manifold:

1) we limit the Halo effect

2) it reduces the pattern noise and the level noise.
The interviewer's task is solely to collect data and not to discuss anything else in the structured interview. 
The reviewing we're doing here and the Mediating Assessment Protocol we use ensures that every one of us maintains a common frame of reference, maintains an outside view, that we're using behaviourally anchored rating skills to fairly judge all candidates, and that in doing so, we are laying the foundation for a case database in which, every successive year, the INTER board will be even better equipped to rate their candidates on their predicted future job performance. 

It is the board that will make independent, separate judgments by using the estimate-talk-estimate technique.

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