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The Votes Are In: Your Student Council for 2024/2025

Voting, voting, voting—this seems to have been the theme of the last few weeks. By the end of May, a total of 7003 students cast their votes in this year’s student council election, and the student body has spoken: the results of the 2024/2025 Student Council elections are in!

With a voter turnout of just 15.8%, there was a slight decrease of 0.4% from last year’s elections, once again raising questions about the general student body's engagement with politics.

So, who did we actually vote for? Let’s take a closer look.

Your New Central Student Council (CSR)


The biggest winner this year is the Activistenpartij UvA, securing three seats in the CSR with a total of 2122 votes. Founded in 2021, this radical and leftist party is known for its vigorous opposition to neoliberal policies at the university. Besides their parliamentary activities, they are actively involved in organizing protests and advocating for democracy and against the fossil fuel industry. Recently, they have been vocal about the genocide in Gaza and have openly criticized the university’s actions in response to the protests. Their significant win might reflect growing student support for their bold stance and activism.

UvA Sociaal won two seats in the CSR. This party has been active for 17 years, advocating for a diverse and inclusive university environment, with a strong emphasis on sustainability, accessibility, and autonomy for both staff and students. They also focus on protecting the quality of education amid budget cuts, highlighting the importance of maintaining high academic standards.

Finally, the last two seats in the CSR were won by De Vrije Student. As a national party with representatives at multiple universities, including Utrecht University and the University of Groningen, De Vrije Student focuses on individual freedom and the freedom of university communities. They aim to create an environment where students can realize their potential and grow into value-driven adults, emphasizing personal development and community engagement.


Overall, the results do not differ much from last year’s elections, in which the Activistenpartij and UvA Sociaal each managed to secure two seats, and De Vrije Student, 020, and Sefa took the remaining three. So, whether there will be a significant shift in the CSR’s policy-making remains to be seen.

A Quick Rundown of The Faculty Student Council Elections


The Faculty Student Council (FSR) elections brought more varied results. Activistenpartij maintained its momentum, securing eight seats in the humanities faculty, four seats in the social sciences sub-district, three seats in science, and one seat in the law PPLE sub-district. However, other parties also made significant gains. INTER, for example, managed to secure one seat in the humanities district and two in the law PPLE district.


Curious to find out all about this year’s elections? You can read all about the election results in greater detail right here


Overall, the results and the parties’ stances signal a promising year ahead. We are excited to see where our newly elected Student Council will lead us in the next academic year. 

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